Webdimi Rules

1- The comments made under the content are the responsibility of the visitor who comments, our website will not accept responsibility in this regard.
2- It is the responsibility of our website to approve, delete or edit the comments made on the content. The person commenting on this matter cannot accept any rights.
3- It is forbidden to send threatening, controversial, insulting, abusive, anti-customary, hateful, political or excessively unsolicited comments.
4- Only link sharing comments that do not have any commentary purpose are prohibited and will not be approved.
5- Using / making use of the files / documents in the download links in our content, the codes in our content or performing any function in any of our content is entirely the responsibility of the visitor / user, and our website is not the advisory authority in case of any problems that may occur and no responsibility will be accepted in this regard.

** Rules take effect when published and are assumed to have been read and approved by all visitors/readers/users.

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