Assigning Default Image to WordPress No Image Posts

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We will tell you how to add a default image to your non-image posts or content in WordPress.

As it is known, there is a featured image option in WordPress. This featured image is the image of your posts. Sometimes we don’t use this option much and we publish the article without the featured image.

Featured images are indexed by search engines and are useful in image searches. In this way, we gain visitors from the visual searches of search engines.

In this article, we will talk about how to add an automatic featured image. Featured images have many benefits, and most importantly, visitors find what they’re looking for by looking at the images.

1. Go to WordPress Admin Panel > Plugins > Add New page. Type “Default featured image” in the plugin search box on the right and search. Install and activate the plugin indicated by the arrow in the image below.
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2. Go to WordPress Admin Panel > Settings > Media page. You will see the “Default featured image” option on that page. From there choose your default featured image and save it.
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Even if you don’t add featured images to your posts anymore, they will be added automatically thanks to this plugin ­čÖé

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